Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!! and a Happy New Year 2011!!

Need I say more about seasonal greetings? :P

Here is a good one I read about on Yahoo's Fit to post thingies.. someone commented..

"On the first day, God made the heaven and earth and everything in between....
From the second day after, everything.. MADE IN CHINA.."

Lmao.. very funny hiak hiak. But come to think of it.. it would have made sense for God to have outsourced to China as it would have been much cheaper to produce.

The following is all about humour, a ficticious page from my warped fragile lil mind.. and if you cannot take jokes AND if you take religion and nationality too serious to have a funny poke, AND if you don't like what you read.. TOO fricking bad!!!!!!! No one is forcing you to READ, just BUZZ OFF!!!

Otherwise.. heh heh heh have fun reading lol..

Hmmm come to think of it.. I think in the beginning when God made Adam, he wanted the first human prototype.. but you know lar, China's reputation for "quality" goods lor.. I don't think they understand the meaning of that word leh.. lol ok ok back to my observation..

So God ordered the first prototype of human from a factory in China and sent them Davinci's blueprint.. and viola, when it was shipped to Heaven in a box marked "Haven" attentioned to "Got".. I think HE would have the wisdom to forsee what was to follow... well.. HE didn't and so happily tore open the box and was very, very happy indeed to see Adam was every bit his blueprint to China was.. right down to .... oh no...

Slluurrrrpp.. yummy!!

God counted and O.M.G lor... he found Adam missing a rib.. I mean.. sigh..
HE was disappointed and immediately called the China factory about their mistake.

"Solly!! Solly!! We send you a replacement but you have to TT over a replacement fee, hao ma?"

So to and fro went the argument over who should be paying for the missing rib mistake until God agreed that henceforth, China should have the largest population in the world... sooo the Chinese relented...

Another 3 months went by and a sweet choral by the heavenly angels, "Ahhhhhh.. you have mail!..." signalled the arrival of another non-descript, brown, re-cycled cardboard box attention to "Got" again from China.
God tore it opened eagerly and lo and behold... HE flew into a rage.. (Author's note: This terrible wrath unleashed upon the earth was probably what killed the dinosaurs lor.. YAR LAR.. I said MOST likely lor..)

What God found was this... where Adam had wavy, curly black locks of hair, this new human model had long, just past the shoulder blonde silky hair.. where Adam had an little neck imperfection, "(ahem)manufacturer's fault", the part where future human kind would call it an Adam's apple.. this new model had none (here, it was noticed that someone from the China factory had stuck a yellow post-it note stating the QC department has proudly detected that defect and fixed it by removing it from this model!! :PP)
Ahem.. focus on the said faulty parts....
Further inspection by God was to make him exasperated.. where Adam had pectorals..the new model had similar chest muscles but seems out of proportion, perhaps even a little swollen (Further clarification from the factory was that probably a faulty pump might have pumped a little too much air into the chest area created 2 lumps of protruding mass...sigh

This time, the ribs were in order.. no missing ribs this time! HA! but... O.M.G lor... almost everything else was correct.. but .. but... it was missing an important part further down.

"Ah!!! That is our mistake!! Solly!! Solly!! Our hardworking comrades just found that missing part on the factory floor near the packing area... must have been one of the handlers tried to squeeze in the part but didn't quite cut the packing box to the right size. Can we DPEX over to you and you glue it back? Easy! Just grab and jab it upwards lor? Ok?"

God was furious... and HE leaned down to earth and started to use his finger and flick out pieces of the great wall of China.. flicking off entire sections of the wall here and there randomly.. "You like that? and that? and that? Opps! what about that??" Roared God.

*Most probably why the great wall looked the way it looked today, so half f**k, evidence of China's quality control, built in the middle of nowhere, not fully completed, not fully joined on the left and right, sub-standard building materials... and this was supposed to be the wall that stopped invaders ah?.. O.M.G lor... *facepalm*

The great wall of China is one of the greatest and most magnificient achievement of the human race in my opinion.

"Solly! Solly!! Stop flicking aledy!! We send you new replacements, ho ok? ok lar? ho ok??"

As eons go by, millions of years and 6 billion plus human replacements later, we get all kinds of people, black, white, brown, hairy, furry, baldy, big, small, airports, double Ds, perky, droopy, horse, rabbit,...each replacement to heaven would almost always result in a unique imperfect human, come to think of it.. meh.. according to biology, its normal to have one of the male testes bigger then the other and one to hang lower than the other.. *slap forehead*

Luckily I am capable of self-control and censorship.. there were a lot more to say here, but I have to stop before I get out of hand, well, also because I am out of time lol. Only if you know me and in person will I unleashed the humour of CJ unto you personally and all night long hee hee lmao..hee haa..

Anyway la..

This blog is all about having a fun year-end and new and interesting new year to come.. And of course here's to wishing my diet and fitness plan works and to a new healthier and sexier new me soon!!!!! :P Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! :P

CJ :)
I'm going for a night jog now.. to-da-looooo..

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sunday.. did my run, workout-ed.. etc etc..

Def Leppard
I am a very fussy pot when it comes to loves, but in 1987 (I first knew about their album Hysteria, also my one and only cassette tape by a heavy metal band.. YES.. it was still cassette tapes.. lmao) after I got to know what they did for their drummer Rick Allen, I fell in love with them 4ever!!!!! Not to mention Pour Some Sugar on Me is my all time favourite, and regardless of what others say, I think is THE rock anthem of the millenium. They are also the ONLY heavy metal band I listen to. Give it a listen, read about Rick and the band not giving up on him, and make your own judgement. :P

Never give up on dreaming.
(By the way, if you have not figured out, this self-logo is made from an actual picture of me)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekend is here!!!!

*Play Indiana Jones' Theme song*

Picture me in a tight pair of lycra, frollicking in a pool!! (Eeeee.. yuck.. ah haaa haaa haa)
I'm going swimming.. I'm going swimming.. I'm going swimming..
Blog later when I get back.. hee hee

*Back.. so now...
Ran, gym-ed, swam, steamed, suana-ed, ate, napped.. aahhh...

Ho ho ho hooooo.... Ho ho ho hoooooooo....
Hiiiiiiiiyaaaakkkkk!!!!!! KICK!

Hiiiiiiiiyaaaakkkkk!!!!!! KICK!

Hiiiiiiiiyaaaakkkkk!!!!!! KICK!

(Be paitient, it might take a few seconds to load *grin)

Alright lol.. this has been a rather bizarre post hee.. have a nice week end everyone :P


Friday, December 17, 2010

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games


I remember when I was younger, when there was no internet, at least not extensively for Singapore, I was serving my NS and was stationed in Bukit Timah area between 1992-1993. There was a shopping centre nearby my camp called "Beauty World" (yeah also the name of THAT musical). They had this brand new game called Virtua Fighter 4.0. Man, this game had everything, stunning graphics (for a early 90s arcade, it was damn good), hidden moves which after a blurring twirl of the control stick and a few slams to the button console produced a unique move that will incapcitate your opponent. Awesome! I used to have a good friend back then called Jason and he would always be comparing those virtual moves to real life applications.. We would spend a lot of money playing those console games (No place else to spend money ma...that time also no girlfriend). Anyway, I couldn't keep up with the new characters and moves.. but got stuck to my old favourite Akira and made him my online persona.

Guess that was how it was back then, an online persona for my virtual games, altered-ego. Over time, there was quite a few alter-egos of mine that made it into the virtual online world. The internet being such a wonderful place..

(Have I ever mentioned, I never met my wife in real person, but only knew her through the [now defunct] Teleview?) After almost a year of chatting on the ultra,-super-slow, super-duper-retarded Teleview, we went on our first blind date.. and the rest.. was history)

Back to my games... Over the years, Dark Ages of Camelot (DAOC), Ultima Online (UO), Cabal Online, Secondlife (SL), Evony, and Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO).

Of all these mmorpgs, I love DDO the most. Most people of my generation, should remember D&D. I mean, it was so much fun back in the 80s when that was the closest to fantasy we all can have. Wizards, fighters, swords and sorcery, that nasty rogue and the beautiful princess and who can resist all that gold!!! :P Best of all, we are all lords of our world, conqueror of our enemies, best of all, we do it day after day, everyday! A few of my friends (Albert, Shawn and myself) used to gather in the foyer of the old SJI and have hours of D&D sessions... they are perhaps the best time I have in secondary school as enjoyment besides reading all the Choose your own adventure books I can find in the library. Problem was looking for like minded players, timings to get together for even an hour's game became harder and harder to find as we got busy with our real lives.. and to be honest, some of us live in our virtual world much more then others *wink.

Well, DDO has its place in my heart for many reasons, some may like it, some might scoff at it. To each their own I say... *bleah

Anyway.. if you are ever in DDO and in the server of Sarlona, post me a comment here.. It would be nice to say hi!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Milk and calcium

Day 14:
Weight: 114kg

Yar I know!! :PP When I went to the scales this morning I did double take.. on my second, third and fourth step up to the scales.. yes, the needle was vibrating firmly over 114kg. hiak hiak hiak!

So that makes about 14 days = 8kg. Not bad.

This means whatever I have been doing, I should keep doing :P.

Ooo I did a stress test on my joints today by hiking about 14km in the morning, well, a leisurely walk along the streets of Fort road, Katong, East Coast then back again. The only thing that was conplaining after the walk was my poor feet (I don't really have good shoes, so they hurt when I jog or walk long distances) and my right knee which was badly injured in the Chronicles of Kar-Tia.

Ah yes, back to my original post... MILK!

Many people overlook the importanec of milk. Unless of course you are lactose in-tolerant! Then my suggestion is you switch to soybean milk, another source of yummy nutrients!! :P

Milk not only gives us calcium, but it has been known to improve muscle gain as well. This is significant in our diet for weight loss as our fitness demands energy conversion which our system is not ready or unwilling to work hard for the conversion.. yet. So when our body is unable to induce enough energy conversion from our fats, they also take from our muscles... OH NOES.... :( But fret not.. milk is the answer to this. As we lose muscle mass as part of the inevitable equation to energy conversion, we are also building them when we take in protein in our diet, so that amino acids are able to build (replace) muscles that have been damaged and build bigger, stronger ones.

Milk however plays a unique and important role, not just that they are also able to replenish muscles as well as our dear friends aminos, but they also help strengthen our bones against calcium loss. For ladies, osteoporosis is a very real danger. You ladies don't want one day having an adventurous kama-sutra position when suddenly... crack.. eeee embaressing to be sent to the A&E in that position lor.... heee

Ok ok, milk milk... Hi-Calcium, Low fat, Hi folate, Skimmed, Cow ones, goat ones..etc etc.. but please lar, don't go fight your puppy or kitten for their morning breakfast hor.. one litre only about 1.30-1.50 nia... cheapskate...

Drink within 1 hour of an intense workout, for best absorption. If you are taking amino acids as well, its the same.

Just don't neglect your regular jogs and adominal workouts, stretches, and pushups. :P I haven't..... Have your scales moved yet? *wink

The determined one.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


The Romance of the Three Kingdoms or 三国演义 or 三國誌 was written by Luo GuanZhong.

The storyline takes place back when honor, bravery and compassion meant everything to a man. I especially liked it when I know martial skills rule in a place like that :P

No more... Oei you stare what stare.. "Hiiiaaaaaaa chop chop", the ah beng's head roll on the floor. Bwuahahahah!

I buay song you... so I call my number to come chop and slash you.. mine is 246!.. call your number lar, you @#$%%^.. oh yeah I call my number is 999!!! Ha Ha Ha you #$%^^%$.

Hmmpf.. yeah..... rrrrightttt.....

I mean life nowadays is such that we live and regard everything around us as if life were better, way back then... much.. much better.

No meh?

Ok let me explain in my context.

First you have to know one of my many life's principles - A day as a teacher, a lifetime as a father (一天为师, 终身为父). I guess I am old-fashion that way.

Back in the old days of Okinawan karate masters, when they have to walk from their village to Kyoto, they walked...

Now we have taxi, car, bus, bicycle..etc etc... Ok ok, my point is, for somethings there are no shortcuts. My sensei Mr Wong used to say to me, there are no shortcuts, everything depends on your hardwork and your homework.. and in my own intepretations, overtime... never overnight.

I miss my training.. the act of training under someone who will provide guidance and tutalage to me doing something I am good at. I find myself at the other end of being the teacher now after all these years of studying. I will always be a student, there is always something I am learning from my teacher after all these years. So aware of that, I find that my students will always find lessons in what I teach, or some of my rather non-lesson lessons. I just hope I can live up to their expectations as I try to live up to my teacher's expectations.

That's just how life is, a series of histories and stories or learning and unlearning, just hoping that we will break out of that circle and not let history repeat itself. Achieving that, I think is already one of the great things I would have done with my life.

*Finding myself in a blabbering mood/post.. lmao

Yours sincerely,

Friday, December 10, 2010

Glossary and link post!!! (Thanks Wikipedia)

Where do I begin this post?

Ah ok, the solid building blocks of fitness, Amino acid. Lets say, these little suckers are able to pack some muscle grooves and lines when I flex, and some in places most people will never see, but I likkkkkkeeeeeee.... heee heeee heeee heee

And of course my main diet is modified Atkins diet, and of course by modified means different people, different needs. (See here for long term Atkins food list). My particular course of diet will always draw detractors, but my answer for them is always the same..don't care, don't need your permission.. lolol.

Sometimes for a kickstart in the mornings, I prefer food with a high GI count, or Glycemic Index. Or just a pick me up, since this fitness plan of mine is not without loopholes, and there are periods in the day when I feel like my body is just not generating enough energy for my activities..

Somedays, I just feel like no matter how much I eat, I am still hungry... sigh.. yeah, those days I really wish I can eat pizzas!!!! Pfft!! For days like that, I need fillers and food which will starve off hunger, fulfil my energy needs, I will go for low GI count. Oh!!! Here's some food facts for you, do you know the protein content of your food?

Not sure where to start planning your eating, try click this link here! :P

If you read somewhere my diet advocated oils and ahem in some cases liver detoxification? LOL, rather than type out and give credit to the author, I much rather give you the direct weblink to the information. (Essential read on omega oils). For myself, I usually stock up on my oils by taking, sardines, tuna, peanuts, cashew nuts, and macademia nuts. Pistachio is my fav!!! but.. have you noticed the carb content of those suckers? :(

Oh oh, when all else fails, and after all our eating, we still fill hungry, here is a little something I will share that fill us up faster while eating less :P

F word lor! (hee hee)

What is (Dietary) Fiber?

Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate (GASP!). Although fiber doesn’t provide our bodies with energy, it goes along way to help our bodies (Why? because I know so! HA!). There are also two kinds of fiber, soluble and insoluble. Now for a little explanation...

Insoluble fibers are the
indigestible parts of fruits, vegetables, and grains and do not dissolve in water (Ermmm..I do not mean SEEDS hor, please lar.. *slap head*). Soluble fibers are the food components that readily dissolve in water. Erm, not sure what I mean? Those gummy or gel-like characteristics we find in food. Still not sure I also bo bian..lolol... no lar. I so bad meh.. here's a link for further reading. *wink.

So...why is Fiber important?

Fiber improves the body’s handling of glucose and the hormone insulin, (probably by slowing the digestion or absorption of carbohydrate, not too sure here, go check with your doctor.. I am martial artist, not doctor.. lmao), just make sure you eat adequate amounts of fiber, since it may reduce the risk of colon cancer, because..... the insoluble fibers of whole grains, fruits and vegetables speed their way through the colon like a scrub like that.. brush all the bad stuff away lor....

I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM ADVOCATING EATING VEGETABLES....yuck..butt.. eating your veggies can also possibly reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, a build up of plaque on the arteries causing vessel narrowing and heart disease by several mechanisms, namely, stroke and heart attack (I lost a few people in my life due to these 2 killers.. siggghhh). This disease I am scared of... so I will quietly eat my veges.. :(

Soluble fibers may lower blood cholesterol by delaying absorption in the digestive tract. At the same time, fibers are digested by intestinal bacteria to yield small, fat-like products that, when absorbed, may lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol or the “bad” cholesterol.

Fiber also promotes feelings of fullness because of its ability to absorb water and swell. When we eat, it also slows the movement of food through the upper digestive tract allowing you to feel fuller longer, also helps to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, and other "old-man" problems that I might face soon...*moan.

Oh oh, it also keeps my digestive tract toned and healthy by making the "highways"(or "low-ways" lar, whatever you want to call it, bleah) smooth flowing. Big food intake + smooth and fast poopoo ejection
.. I loooooooove it!!!

Wah.. such a long post... getting tired.. going to orh orh now.. lolol.. then maybe repost something related to martial arts.. haven't posted anything on MA for a while liao..

The determined one.

Vampire Blog

Day 8:
Blogging at 2am in the morning, a first for me!!!

I blame myself for playing Star Wars: Empire at War... its really an old game, but ever since my dvd drive broke down on my social lifeimac.. I have been resorted to using disk images I found on my hard disks for games, sigh.

Forgot about situps, forgot about running, forgot about stretching... omg, a day of lazinessamnesia. Not something I am proud about but hey... at least I am human right? Not doing myself any good but was good for relaxtion .. for the most part of the day. I spent it playing games and sleeping..buwahahahaha.

Ok ok nuff said. I want to be able to send the right message across that we don't have to stick to our regimes like glue and not budge... tempered with discipline. Atkins diet will be atkins diet.. not cheating on that. I guess that accounted for my lack of energy to overcome inertia for quite a few of mornings thus far.. :P

Formula for successful diet and fitness

Fitness = Change of lifestyle

Change of lifestyle = Committment tempersd with common sense = Diet + Exercise

Diet = Sustainable and economical food that keeps to reasonable carbohydrate intake, proteins, essential oils, fibre.

Exercise = Something that you are passionate about will be good, and convenient (I cannot stress this point enough, usually this is the make or break part of a person's exercise regime).

It is as easy as that! Oh.. one more thing.. surround yourself with people who sympathise with your goals, and just for the purpose of not adding any stress in our lives, avoid like hell lor, anyone who seeks to derail your efforts like eat Char Kway Teow in front of your face or Chicken rice... *droooooool....

You have been warned. *Yawn.. I wamna sleep now.. so I guess I will blog again

Oh, and my detox was wonderful... I guess I can attribute my new found tummy lines to the kaboom effect huh? lmao.... not good, but its a start.. *GRIN

<---Me, signing off :P

Monday, December 6, 2010


Day 4/5 (Sun/Mon):
Weight: (still off the scales leh) Probably 120kg
Exercise: Stretches and sit ups.


Day 4 started easy enough. Being a Sunday and all, it involves getting up, and stretching all my relevant parts and situps started at an easy count of 40 crunches, 10 side crunches and 50 leg raises. Remember, I want to start off manageble and slowly work my way back to those insane numbers.

However, that wasn't the highlight of the day, the most important thing was, I had began a very very queer detox program by Pam.

(Saturday [Day 3]), I was staying off solid foods as she told me to clear my stomach for the detox, so I did. She was very methodical about this whole process. I was to be her guinea pig.. oink oink.

At 10pm, I drank 3/4 cup of a concoction consisting of Epsom Salt* + Vitamin C drink. (Epsom Salt = Potassium Choride, also know to be found in bananas, also known to be a good fabric softener!!!!???) Taste like crap! Bitter and salty...eeeeeee But Pam says it will clear the "chutes". Yuckkkkk!

About 12+am, I was given another 3/4 cup of Epsom salt+vitamin solution aka fabric softener to drink....brrrrrrrr.....urgh

2am. Time of truth, Pam brought in a mixture of 3/4 cup of grapefruit juice.. yumm!! and 3/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil...not just virgin, but must be EXTRA VIRGIN... first press she says, explaining to me slowly like I am a retard.. (well in many ways I am).. first press olive oil is known as extra virgin and is usually used for drinking.. I much rather use it to cook.. heh heh

ANYWAY... it wasn't THAT horrible to drink but, no person in their right mind would willingly gulp down 1 1/2 cups of juice and oily oil... even if its extra virgin!!

THEN...then I was told to immediately lie on my right side and curl up into a fetus position!? Wha?? ok ok, so I did and was being again slowly explained by a very amused Pam that it would cause the ingested liquid to seep into my liver... eeeeeeee.... gross... not the kinda stories I want to hear after drinking oil and knowingly flood my liver with oil.... gasp!!!

Day 4 morning (Sunday), woke up feeling queasy... was chatting happily when I got upright.. oh no... when suddenly.... it struck... the feeling of bubbling.. that ominious premonition that something was going to explode if I don't make my way to the toilet.. N O W!


I won't exactly want to blog for posterity the chain of sequence that followed in that morning, suffice to say I am a convert to the detox program.

Subsequently I had to ingest another 2 more of the Epsom salt+vitamin c solution to end my detox quest.... eeeesshh

Point to note though, I won't exactly endure just any detox program.. but since Pam says so... bo pain lor.. but but... I will not do that detox program anytime soon.

Day 5:
Recovering from my detox (lol), stretches and situps again today. Going for the same numbers but cranking up the speed for the exercises just a little bit more.. gradually everyday.

I think.. might be my blurred vision.. but I might be seeing a little groove here and there on my body again.. woo hoo!!!!!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Weekend

Day 3:
Began my day right with alarm going off at 6am. Started my run at about 7.15am. Same distance. Timing for that 1+ klick was something a primary school kid would walk... SIGGGHHH. But then again, I can only improve.. not DE-prove (is there even such a word? hee).

All that weight being pounded when I run, is going to be a big problem in the very forseeable near future on my joints, espcially my knees. It is a nescessary evil for me, because I don't really have access to a swimming pool, don't swim very well (I can pause in the middle of a run and *pant*pant*pant.. when I pause in the middle of a swim *pant*pant*gulg*gulg..). Skipping ropes will come soon enough.. but like my previous postings.. conditioning comes first before you start to abuse your body.

Had some onion soup "wanna be" last night with Pam. Wanna be you said.. yeah, found out we only had a teeny weeny bulb of onion left, so I made, onion. garlic, ginger, cheese and hot spice soup. YUM!! We also had quite a lot of chicken, hotdogs and luncheon meat... hiak hiak hiak.

The best part of this kinda diet is... after all these food, we still find our weight dropping, steadily... but surely. I will post my new weight every week Sunday so to make it easier for my calculations.

Start planning your core exercises. Core exercises are stuff you have easy access to, doesn't require a lot of pre-planning to do daily or almost daily, not expensive, generally, you will really look forward to that activity. My take on fitness and weight loss is as simple as that. You must enjoy what you do. Enjoy what you eat. Don't feel like you are giving anything up (no opportunity costs). But foremost... BE HUMBLE.

Such a big word... such simple meaning. I see people who managed to maintain their fitness and can do wonderful stuff like run 4km without breaking a sweat, eat a whole army's food ration everyday without gaining any weight (BUS-THIRDS!!!!) admirable! :P However, have a heart for people like me. Lazy, slacker, greedy, genetically on the really heavy side. I say all those stuff because I know who I am, what I am, no need to deny, mirrors don't lie. HOWEVER, while I am trying my best to improve myself, I don't really need anyone else's permission to be a better me, or jury of my peers (even worst, sometimes we know it's a jury of inferiors), to pass judgement on our progress.

Hence I say, I have been there, I will return. When I recover from my bout of accidental laziness and overeating, don't run away from me? I see so many people crawling out of the wood works wanting to erm, spar, fight, train, compete etc etc etc. Where were you when I was on top of my game? Oh nevermind, I will be back again real soon, and now that I remember you, I will come looking for you, one thing always gets me going... and keep going to my goal... Pam knows that.. ask her.. Anyway, now that I am pissed, I know how long it takes to get to where I want. See you guys real soon. (~chuckle).

I am trying hard. But I will always remember,

Overtime.. Never overnight.


Friday, December 3, 2010

I need an Alarm


Forget to set alarm, so wake up late. Anyway, running is not on the cards today, but stretching is! :P

Day 2:
Started targeting that problem area noted yesterday with regards to ankle and lower back. Turns out I may have to focus on toughening up my knee joints as well. Spent 1 hour talking to Pam on mentality about training. Yar lar, training is 80% mental and 20% physical. So better start off on the right foot before we end up with a lot of hard work but nothing to show for it! :)

Fooood.... I need food... (Carb withdrawal) kekekeke.. no worries, the craving phase will pass with each passing day as your body adjust to the energy starvation and get better energy conversion from fats and muscles.

Proteins and fibres is a BIG YES. Fats intake, yes as well, at least for this stage of training. To get the details of how the diet works the way it is supposed to will take a lot of typing, and talking and convincing, most of which, if you don't understand you will blindly follow, and if you have your own theories, you won't bother to listen to me anyway, so why discuss it here? Let the result justify my means :PPPPPPP

Discipline as well, is important. Say sleep at 12 midnight means sleep at 12 midnight, no more late night Iron Chef for me :( oh well. Must set alarm for morning training... means wake up with time to spare, no more lazing in bed for snooze and suppliant position ala praying to the pillow... sigh...

Flexibility training started today with simple yet routine stretches with extra attention paid to the ankles, calves, knees and waist. If you need specific stretch routines, you can find them on the web, or see if I can list out something in my later posts...

Currently, I have one big and tough obstacle in my way of recovery to fitness and the name of my nemesis is.....


Determined One.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New resolution for a new year!!

For me, no need to wait until a new year for a new resolution one! My birthday just past (1 Dec), so a date as good as any to start something new (Ahem...*grumble.. resume something old rather.. *cough cough...) Yay!!

I have given my workout a slight paused since March because of house moving (EXCUSES).

Those who know me intimately, knows excuses are my downfall where fitness is concerned. Hence, I have made it a point to not make any...(paused for thought here while I sure I can keep my own promise?....back after 15 mins.)

*after 15 mins*

Ok leopards can never change its spots, so a pig like me cannot change my snout.. :( BUT!!!!!

I will give it my best shot! That's all I can do at the moment.. Hey, at least I can own up to my flaws defects lack of determination weak will !!?? Back up a bit.. lack of determi... nope, I retract that.

If you wanna follow me on my journey back to fitness, you are welcome to read up on my progress and tag along. Who knows, maybe I can inspire you to a better lifestyle?? Who knows? But hor, if you injure yourself (BECAUSE) you did not heed all my warnings, before, during and after my postings... don't come looking for me hor. Below are the ABCs of my journey:

Day 1:
(A) Weight: (122kg) *faint.. damn weighing scales got stuck at 118kg and refused to move any further...:( I think I approximate my weight at about 122kg this time around...

(B) Workout diary: I started my first jog/walk this morning to assess my fitness and conditioning. Turns out my stamina wasn't as bad as I thought. It seems most martial artists have a residual stamina that is the direct result of long term training (body's way to letting you get through fights without collapsing on the floor and panting while your enemies are laughing too hard to hurt you too badly). Anyway, back to my workout. Ran about 1.2km and felt my ankles and lower back starting to strain. Probably due to the overly excess weight pressing on my joints.

(C) Diet: Atkins Diet. I advocate this diet because it works. If you don't think it works, keep it to yourself, I don't want to hear about it. Hey, then don't even read this portion of my post and get yourself all riled up for nothing. Move along.... hiak hiak hiak

Detractors and non-belivers gone? Good! Anyway, Atkins Diet is never meant for a long term dietatry plan. Any sort of diet that sticks to one kind of style will only cause you to suffer health problems. We adjust our diet according to how our body best reacts to our lifestyle. But we need a baseline to follow. And baseline being somebody else's idea of a healthy lifestyle, we cannot all be Bruce Lee, rrrriiigghhhttttt??

As my journey progresses, my core values go up, I will adjust accordingly. I will try to faithfully update changes to my baseline diet so anyone following me can understand what I am doing and do it for themselves.

Wah.. I blab alot leh.. anyway, I am off carbs for good for the next couple of weeks. Meats, fish, fruits (YUM!) and soft vegetables (YUCK!!!) are my main meals. Like that lor..

I always advocated fitness = strength, stamina, flexibility and conditioning. These seems to be the 4 core values I have isolated that will result in other motor movements such as speed, reaction timing, power (here I am talking in context of martial arts), recovery time, improved metabolism, etc, stuff that a fit person should be doing better than a couch potato.

For this first few days I will be concentrating on conditioning and flexibility. As for diet, More on these topics as my postings go on.

By the way, I am posting this online as part of my discipline. Also, hopefully it will serve to inspire my peers, students, fellow excuse club members to a better lifestyle.

I guess that is that for this post.

Your most determined one.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week 3 (21Mar - 3Apr)
Start weight: 108kg
Target weight: 103kg
Diet: Modified Aktins + lots of water.
Exercise routine: Running, stair climbing, isometric weights, A LOT OF STRETCHING.

(The post regarding the original training is found here My Life: Start of training Week 1 )

*Nods... I know.. not much this week. Been really sick. Some kinda virus. Even doctor have no idea what it is. LOL

So I had to eat and load carbs so my body can have enough energy to repair. Mmhmm. I take after my own adivce on this one and it is non-negotiable.

Still on target... lets hope the virus runs its course by midweek so I can put in some training time. Pfft.

The sick and determined one.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Training Week 2

Week 2 (14Mar - 20Mar)
Start weight: 110kg
Target weight: 105kg
Diet: Modified Aktins + lots of water.
Exercise routine: Running, stair climbing, isometric weights, A LOT OF STRETCHING.

(The post regarding the original training is found here My Life: Start of training Week 1 )

I noticed something about my new found fats. I don't carry them well. Which is good. heh. They won't be around long enough for me to get used to them. However, the stress of my joints are very telling and in the course of this few training weeks, I will be putting my body to the test, carrying around such a heavy load.

Nah.. by week 5, most of the heavy load would be gone.. howver, I still need to have conditioned legs and hands to do what I want to. What better time than stairs climbing now *GRIN

If anyone ever wondered how a fat guy like me can move reasonably fast, that because I spend half my lifetime carrying around my body weight. And now that my weight has been greatly reduced, imagine how much faster I can move.. hmm? Or kick even.

But enough of that for an early morning post... I do have one very important caution for those following this plan of mine now....

STOP if you are feeling unwell. EAT carbs or regular food until you get better. You can always reset the training program once you are feeling well again. Nothing is worth losing your health or your life over.

Till my next mundane update,
Stay healthy,
The rapidly losing fats and determined one.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Update on training week 1

A Recap:

Week 1 (7Mar - 13Mar)

Start weight: 115kg
Target weight: 112kg
Diet: Semi Carb to Aktins + lots of water.
Exercise routine: Running, weights, A LOT OF STRETCHING.

Current status: 110kg.

Heh..yeah you got it right, 12 Mar, the day before my training week 1 ends, thats my current weight.

It has been tough, no doubts about that. Tiredness. Late night food cravings. I don't want to make this seem easy or a fairy tale training program. But I didn't starve, I didn't hate my diet, I didn't hate my exercise. Just did everything as planned, normally. But one difference.



Tell yourself its one day at a time, and its a change of lifestyle that does it. Not just a diet. Not just a program.

Send me an email at and update me your progress if you are joining me on this journey to fitness. It is easy doing this as a team :)

Well, I will post at the beginning of my week 2 and lets work towards that. I am generalising everything I post here so I don't mislead anyone. If you need help to fine tune your program, email me. IF you have my number, call me. *wink

Till the next post.

The determined one.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Start of training Week 1

Very tiring.... thats all I can say.

Every part of my body needs to be reminded to work.. and has to work a part of a team. Basically for the past 4 months, I have been reduced to just running and left hand work. Right wrist having been misaligned... sigh.

I realised how ineffecive we can be after an injury because we depend too much our body being injury free. I also realised after all these months, I have been training with injuries. I ALSO realised I have an OCD.

OCD being Obessive Compulsive Disorder. I love playing online games. CabalSEA, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Secondlife, etc etc. I get totally immersed in these games and I forget to train, I forget to eat, I forget to sleep. I forget about friends. I forget about everything except I need to log in and game.

First step to getting help is recognising you have OCD. It is a scary and real problem. I am saying it now because I admit I have a problem, and I need help. My help is inclusive of reaching out to my family and my friends, and my training.

I guess I am lucky because I still have everything around me. Remember the case where the real life baby died while the Korean couple were too engrossed in their online baby? So sad :( ...........

So now I cancelled my accounts. That stopped me a few times from falling off the wagon because I admit, 1 hour after I decided to quit, I was frantically logging on again just to "make sure" everything was alright... sure. Pfft. OCD!!!!!

Now, I cannot log on. No more accounts, cannot play. I am going back to training, and hopefully things get back on track.

But I digress. Going back to training is easy, getting back to the level of competency I want is tougher, hoping to maintain it at that level and beyond is even tougher.

I am happy Seow and Thong has been asking me back for training. I will, soon enough, but not when I am not ready. There are a couple of things going on in my life right now that has a higher priority than karate training or even personal fitness. As if dealing with my OCD is not bad enough... lol

Those who know me, knows my extreme dislike for politics in martial arts. I just want to train because I enjoy fighting, gym, discussing philosophies, or just argue for the sake of arguing lol.

So now I begin my training afresh... I will be updating my blogs more often. I have lots of observation I made during haitus(spelling??) and am going to discuss them here.

Oh this morning I just went SKA and gave my right wrist a good workout... it is working again... FINALLY... yay!! I also peeked at my weight... *HOLY CR.... too much food, no exercise.. aiyah my body is like that de lar....

Now.. to get rid of my fats. I will post my weekly progress, pictures, diet and training plans. Feel free to follow along if you want and see if you can help me lose weight. :) The more people, the greater the support, the higher likeliness we will succeed together :)

Program Duration (8 weeks, 7Mar - 1May)
Target weight 88kg
Diet type: Modified Aktins
General weight loss method: Induced Ketosis
Disclaimer: Works for me. Might not work for you. Also my training programs are suited generally for my body built (I know myself best). If you need advice, ask me or Pam. BUT don't blame us if it doesn't work for you. *GRIN
WARNING: Always check with your doctor before embarking on any hare-brained idea of weight loss like mine, which I, myself would think is incredibly stupid, impossible and dangerous.

Week 1 (7Mar - 13Mar)
Start weight: 115kg
Target weight: 112kg
Diet: Semi Carb to Aktins + lots of water.
Exercise routine: Running, weights, A LOT OF STRETCHING.

Don't pass bad comments until the 8 weeks is up hor, if you don't believe in my target. Positive always helps, negative hurts.

Your unstoppable force,
The fat and determined one.