Friday, April 22, 2016

iLike thoughts on the eve of a major event

22 Apr 2016: 114.1kg

That's it folks... today is the eve of a month-long major training camp. On Saturday, I will embark on another (first) training program aimed at improving my fitness, weight-loss and fight knowledge.

At this age, I will not call it fight I think I am in the process of slowly losing what I have. Reflexes, stamina, strength. The only things I am accumulating as I age are (not limited to) wrinkles(as little as possible please), money (as much as possible please), experiences, memories (deteriorate slowly) and FATS.

I will attempt to blog if I can from the camp if I find energy left (I will be attempting 4-5 hours a day training).

More details as and when I find out more myself. :P

Now I am sitting down in from of my comp and getting this blog done...

Been recently eyeing (i-ing... get it? get it?) a brand new iMac from the iStore (my faithful and trusty old iMac finally died...age:10 years old). Oh oh and I also crowd funded for a reality fps called inception... and Kaiser for 2 parachute couches..  seriously cool.(Take a look)

Wei.. not scared of getting iSued from iMac ah? *hiak hiak hiak.. (ichoke)(igasp)(DANG! *ifaint)

Here goes.. iLike...

1...dark, gloomy, cold and windy rainy mornings... it always gives me a nice feeling that the world is taking a break... so should I... hee hee

2...morning wood... ahhhhh.... (this one sure kena censored by Pam one..)

3...the smell (snnnnifffff); feel of new karate dogi...

4...cutsie little kittens...

5...the way I feel sandbags caved-in after I kick 'em...

6...the way I feel sandbags caved-in after I punch 'em...

7...the way I feel caved-in after my training sessions...

8...seeing the faces of my kids first thing in the morning when I wake and last thing at night before I sleep...

9...seeing the face of Pam first thing in the morning when I wake and last thing at night before I sleep... *ok ok, maybe not the first thing when I wake lar.. every husband out there knows after a few years of marriage, our wives' face is sometimes the scariest thing to see when we open our eyes... all that droool...eeeeeeee

10...nice fitting shirts and tank tops...

11...the way I can keep eating carbs and stuff and my weight still don't go up.. *THERE YOU GO...WHO SAID NON-CARB DIETS ARE YOYO DIETS?? COME TAKE A LOOK AT ME...

*ahem..but I digress...

12...CabalSEA Online... This is a free-to-play MMORPG game which is pretty addictive...I play a character there called TwilightPard, Blader. Other than playing the game as it was intended, there is another element to it called "humans", pronounced "HUE-MENS", sometimes they are also pronounced "S-HOES". PVP is part of the game whereby players can pit their skills (here means MY LEVEL HIGHER THAN YOURS SO I BULLY AND BEAT YOU SENSELESS) against each other in "Player versus player" duels. Levels not important lar but I think it is the skills and luck of the player that counts. :P The most if I kena bullied in the game, I will get them to come and PVP me in RL (Here means REAL LIFE... and my RL level is super duper high *wink)... and I just bring my buddies along.. (Left & Right fists, Left & Right legs)...heh heh heh heh heh

13...DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online)... Another free-to-play MMORPG game which is what happens when childhood dream meets modern technology. When I was younger, I used to play sessions and sessions of D&D with my friends, Albert, Shawn, Darren and there is someone else I don't seem to remember his name. Anyway, us few D&D nerds would hunker down in the foyer after school and play for hours.. indulging in dragons, and magic and roguery. *Fondly remembering here and smiling at the computer screen for a few moments. ~Sigh workout sessions at my studio gym...the way I get muscle tears and soreness after a good workout... *woohooo! G4 iMac is officially dying...current mac is a 2013 iMacbook Air... another damn cool the moment I am hooking it up to a 32" TV with HDMI and cool gadgets that enable me to play my (13..13..13..13)...  games :PP Samsung S6 edge has become like an attachment to my body already...I worry the day it has to be replaced...eek... workout attires...but Pam forbids me to go out in some of the shorts because she says they are too "tight"... got such thing one meeeeeeeeh? friends...because I have very few of them...LOL

19..."COO-MEE-TEH" & KAA-TAA"...if you don't know what they mean...then you don't need to know...LOL

20...i also like brazillian wax...but shy lar so DIY and go for GILLETTE CLOSE SHAVE...wahahahaha

21...taking my own pictures...enuff said...

22...walking in the local shopping malls window shopping and people watching...nice to see life in action...while my wife and kids are living their own lives and have own activities these days...

23...CHEESECAKE! know, those with the crushed biscuit base and they serve it in wedges... yummy yummy...

24...travelling...when my business settles down and can run on its own, I want to travel the world and experience what the internet and books cannot teach me...

25...chicken rice...hmmm...for some reason or other, I keep getting this crazy craving for chicken rice... yum yum... There is is store at Katong Shopping Centre.....    *drool...  (wanders away)..


Friday, April 15, 2016

Calm after the storm

15 Apr: 115.1kg

Its been almost 1 week since I was down with tonsillitis (infection of the tonsils) was bedridden for 3 days. Most frustrating as I have really just gained momentum in my fitness regime. However, as with anything that we put out mind to... as long as we don't give up hope and try, there will still be a fighting chance.

For almost 10 days.. no coffee..  erggh.. today was my first sip of the Essenso instant coffee (no sugar of course) which I bought from NTUC before my sickness thingy began.

I just wanted to update my blog so as not to lose momentum here as well  ..:P

Been weight lifting again to build those bodyline once my weight has been reduced to a proper proportion. Combined with a proper diet and healthy living, maybe I can beat back the signs of aging... :P

My target fitness weight? 88kg

Doable? Yes. Difficult? Everything starts out with inertia, but once we get past that, nothing is impossible. I am repeating my formula which saw me dropping to my ideal weight a few years ago. If it was doable then, its doable now. Please please dear lord, once I get back there,, please don;t ever let me climb back up to 100kg again...  cannot tahan ah..  *grin

Signing off from my boring post (This morning no inspiration.. rainy morning and right after a heavy weights session)


Monday, April 4, 2016

Long road back to fitness

31 Mar: 121.7kg
4 Apr: 116.9kg

They say "When an injured bird with a broken wing dies, it died not of its injury but of its heart and broken will yearning for a sky never to be free again."

My mother told me I had heart murmur when I was young... and all I can do at most is brisk walking...  well a doctor said so. He has since passed away so I cannot prove to him miracles do happen.

My mother passed away peacefully and hopefully painlessly on 4th March this year from terminal pancreatic cancer, it was so fast from the point of discovery, 6th February, (was also when she was warded to TTSH), to the point she passed.  It had taken less than a month.

It was so helpless to watch her slip away everyday, every passing moment was agony. I remember it was the night before the chinese lunar new year like it was yesterday.  It was reunion dinner night.. a night where all the families would gather at a table and have dinner together.  I remember having to attend one such dinner with Pam's side of the family, but all I could think of was my own mother lying alone in the hospital bed.  So I took off and bought a bun. I went upstairs to her ward and caught her awake and alert :P  It was dinner time, so I ate with her. I said, "Ma, chi fan le. Wo men yi qi tuan yuan." She said ok, and we ate by the bedside, our last proper meal together as mother and son.

I used to visit her on Sunday mornings after my wet market shopping to get her groceries for the week, when I could afford it. Sometimes business is bad and my cash flow is low, I cannot really buy anything much, I would just drive there and chat with her. Sometimes I would stay there for hours on end.

After her funeral, I have another uncle, we call him Uncle Kheok Song..  He is my father's elder brother. He died after he had multiple strokes and complications. It has been a few years since he had the strokes. But still, to watch a person's life ebbing away slowly takes its toll.

One morning after the wake, I was walking past a mirror and took a good look at myself..  CMI.

I don't really give a damn how or what other people say or comment how I have gained weight, or waddle while walking..  but I MIND what I think of myself.  CMI.

So I begin. Training starts. Thus I am.

I will write more of my thoughts as my training progresses. Seow asked me if I am interested in a swan song tournament end of next year (2017) in the Philippines.  We shall see..

Signing off~