Saturday, September 26, 2009

Does God Exist?


Somehow I found this video of some relevance to my last post and so must must must share with you...

However, don't even think to post comments or replies about religion here.. THIS IS NOT THE BLOG TO DO SO and will be deleted. Just read, watch and enjoy... but most importantly.. have a life and have fun living it :) With much we go....


Also, here is a more comical look at established facts of life...

The White, Black and Grey

If I ask you to choose between one of the colours above.. what will you choose?

If you were born on an island far removed from civilisation and I showed you this:


You will learn that pre-conceived colours do matter. So to you right now, "White" is actually Red in our context.

So guys and girls, next time you try to pass some kinda judgement on people or subjects, remember this...

What you think of others are often what is fed to you. Unless you fully know what is going on, chances are your opinions are "coloured".

Do you know that when we accuse others of being fat, we are ignorant of the fact that no one in society in general wants to be "side-lined"?? Or when we accused others of being "not in a class of our own"? Hmm that sounds a lot like Elitism to me, or perhaps its a way of saying I have and you don't... maybe.. I don'tknow..

See? I am making assumptions too.

FAT is not something I want..but hey.. it happened.. so it is an uphill task everytime we do something... like run.. kick, jump and most of all gain self confidence.

So like my friend Seow commented... he said "Get real".. Thanks for the wake up call!! Yep. I am being as real as they come.

I TRY. I fail, I try again... that is what make me interestingly human....

And at the end of the day, look around you and tell others around you and encourange them. If you think you have made it! Like my friend Seow.. then encourage the others to be what you become. You have made it because you didn't get real. You dreamt.. sometimes you succeeded, sometimes you didn't.. but you didn't let real get to you.. so now look at you! :) Congrats!

Alas poor me, still a dreamer. :) Well, I guess that is what made me strive hard towards my goal and look forward to being a better person...

So you out there who is trying to become something you know you are not.. don't let it get to you.. Dream.. then go for it.. as for this blog.. it deals with ME.

So... remember, if you are fat... there is hope. You are not fat because you want to be.. you are fat because you are not walking towards your goal. Take the first step... and when you feel there are detractors in your way.. you are starting to understand what progress is... They mean well. MOST of the time, however, do you know who is the greatest obstacle to your goals?


Yes. YOU.

Do your own thing. Its your own life. If you wanna be fat, be fat. If you wanna lose some weight, do it. It is YOU. Never him, her, they, but YOU.

But enough said on this topic. We all know what I just posted is what you already know. Sometimes we all just need to be reminded. :)

Yours in post,

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Desilo Ya - Lius Fonsi

A while back I tried to find this song but it was unavailable online but now.. seems Youtube has plenty of this version.. So I managed to get a pretty good quality link here..

*The lyrics are a few posts below :)


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Training and Hydration

This post we will discuss hydration in weight management and exercise.

Earth is approximately 70% water.
- There is about 71% water on earth and only 29% of land mass. The dry part of the earth is called the lithosphere and the water covered is called the hydrosphere.

Our body is made up of 70% water.
- Water makes up between 45 and 75% of body weight, with the variability due primarily to differences in body fat. In the average lean adult male around 60% of the body weight is water. The remaining body weight consists of 16-18% fat with 22-24% protein, carbohydrate and other solids.

Body water is broken down into the following compartments:

The simplest calculation is the 60-40-20 rule.

  • Total Body Water = 60% of body weight
  • Intracellular fluid = 40% of body weight
  • Extracellular fluid = 20% of body weight
*Information from

A word to the wise though... most information gathered here are for general understanding only and a lot of information have been left out here and I encourage you to read up more on body fluids and related fields of study.

This post of mine is about hydration management in my workout plans (..and it works)
I know normal health living advocates 8 glasses of water a day. But how big is the glass, anyone know? Hmm?? If my glass, then you guys and girls better find a toilet handy lor.. mine is those 2 litre fancy mugs you find in weird shops.. (I found mine at Giant) *Giant.. get it.. giant..

I advocate 16 glasses (normal 200ml drinking cups) for an average person (about 60+ kg). That means roughly 1L of plain drinking water for about 20kg of body weight. So I chug down a lot of water a day.. definitely more than 4 litres!!

OK OK... sometimes I forget and I drink only like 2-3 glasses... and then I only realise that when I got toilet and OMG... I think all of you have that no need to get graphic here... Yep.. Go chug down lots of water.. NOW!!!!!

An average person do not exercise to extremes. A glass of water is too troublesome, not to mention 16!!! So you need to be an above average person in terms of exercise, and make sure you drink half a litre at a time(urban legend says drinking too much water at one go will dillute your blood and give you some kind of horrible health risk) ...and.. please hor, water means PLAIN WATER, Coke lar, Isotonic, 100Plus, Pocari... NO HOR.. Plain Water!!!!!

Back to hydration. Do always drink lots of water during your workout. There is a procedure I follow though but I vary it, so don't blindly follow my blog postings.. if you are not sure, I am here, you know my email.. ASK.

But there are rules of thumb to follow..well, at least for me. Always warm or room-temperature before and during workouts... After workouts, cold water is good. Although Seow would disagree with me that cold water shocks your body constitution (which I agree hor!!), but I also have it on good authority that it increases your body metabolism by as much as it means we burn up more calories more efficiently.

Muscles are made up of water and if we do not keep ourselves hydrated during training, we would end up having our muscle cells breaking down. So instead of building up muscles, we are actually depleting it.. :( Not a good deal if you ask me.

Again I am referring to my regular workouts in the gym and karate training unique to myself.. so if you are some intellectual health guru.. these info is not for you.. but then again, what are you reading this for? heh heh heh

I am sharing this info on my blog hoping it might help someone out there who might benefit from my experience.. but like I always said, if you need more help.. email me.

Wah.... very long post.. well..


Dieting means eating. Yes. My regimes means eat and lose weight! But need self discipline and exercise!! :)))))))

Always be sensible. If you cannot lose weight consistently.. don't torture yourself. But once you are on the wagon, don't give up! I can help you. Email me and lets work it out. :)

The committed one.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ok Chew-dren. I came across a new Mr. Brown Show spoof about H1N1, a new Korean MV about this bunch of girls and a new workout song all in ONE day..yay!

I am not going to go on about Mr Brown's spoof because you can find it on youtube.. heck you can find it almost anywhere.. simply search for "H1N1 song".... o.O''

HOWEVER... I will embed the Korean girl group "Wonder Girls" and their hit song "Nobody" here.. erm.. because I like leh.. Pfft...

By the way.. only 3 of the girls are damn chio.. the other 2.. so so normal Korean girls.. but well, its a group yes!!! but who the heck is this Chew guy they are always singing about.. :( Sigh Some guys have all the luck lor..

Anyway, while you are listening to this song, you can be certain I will be pumping some heavy weights, doing ungodly amounts of leg raises, crunches, skipping etc.. sweat rolling down my body.. skin deeply flushed with exertion.. of course, since its so hot in the gym, I will be wearing....