Friday, July 29, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

New set of workouts

Day 20

Having been stuck on 114kg for the past few days,  I am going for an alternate routine to break my stagnent weight drop.

Alternate pushups
Knees on bench pushups
Side Bends Situps
Adominals Alternate Crunch
Hindu Pushups
Dumbbell Row


Thursday, July 21, 2011

I want to be...

I rather spend 2 days as a tiger, than 200 years as a sheep

-Tippu Sultan

My inspirational training clip about Rocky. He always move me when I am on my way back to fitness. I guess I can identify with the struggle from flab to power... again.. and again.. and again.. lmao... Enjoy.

I am because I am. I will be turning 40 soon. This is my last walk down this road. Everytime, it gets harder and harder. I like being called the comeback kid. But when age catches up with me... I don't know what the future will be like for my fitness, but one thing I know for certain, I am not going to be able to bounce back like this again.... not so easily..


SKA is shut for the next few days

Day 15

Uh oh... SKA is closed for the next few days for washing of mats and for some tournament. Looks like I will have to look for an alternate training place.

Weight: 114kg
Where: Somewhere near Kallang Indoor Stadium
What did I eat: Atkin's

Pam has asked me if I wanted to start a small class at American Club, and I have thinking about running a combat research class there. Problem with this class is that I am not sure how many people will be interested in the class and particularly, if there will be people who are interested in unarmed combat, but not trained in any basic style.  Oh dear...

I find swimming to be most advantageous to improving my breathing and stamina and stretching without tearing my knee joints apart.  Apart from that, being immersed in water, I love the fact my joints are being decompressed.

Next week, if my weight can hit 110kg, I will start PNF stretches and hopefully, that will give me greater mobility and a wider range of exercises I can run through per training session.  Usually, my exercise sessions gets longer as I have to put myself through more and more series of stretches, isometrics, PNF, jogs and sprints, straddle jumps, skipping.. etc etc.  My full set of exercises usually last me about 2.5 hours at SKA working on stamina, endurance and stretching alone, before I hit the weights.  Gosh I miss those times..  but I can sense them coming back very very soon :P

Time for pictorials!!!!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I find my second wind

Play this as you read this entry to understand the passion I am feeling for life and the second wind that I have found ever since I resumed my training...  its like I re-found my meaning for being me.. :P

Man in Motion (St. Elmo's Fire Theme) - John Parr

Day 12

Weight: (to be updated)
Where did I go: SKA
What did I eat: Atkin's


Friday, July 15, 2011

Nice and Tender

Day 10

Another good day at the gym yay!!!

Weight: 116kg
Where I went: SKA
What I ate: Atkin's

This weekend I will probably try to detox with the Epsom salt thingy or probably clean my system out with liquid diet.  I want to try for a clean "system" workout next week. Mr Wong says.."Sim ah, you have to train faster."


How much faster can I get with 2kg per day.. pant pant....  think I am going to pass out liao. By the way, as the title of this post suggests, my skin is crispy and tender with sun burnt!  Nicely tanned with a tinge of chow tarr...  wah lao.. couple this colour with 6 pack abs, and lean 86kg body mass.  My target!!!!!!!!!!!  Wish me luck.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Press On Forward!!!

Day 9

OMG!! Today is a day for a small celebration!!!

Its been a good regime so far other than the fact I am always hungry, low on energy and grouchy. But that is the price I pay if I want to stay on target for losing 2kg per day. So far so good, but I expect this rate to slow down once I start to hit below 110kg.  That is probably because most of my lean mass is around there and all these excess weight I have been losing have been piled on recently..  so easy come.. easy go.

Weight: 118kg
Where did I go: SKA + RTC
What did I eat: Atkin's


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Over time.. never overnight

Day 7

Its been a good day for exercise :P  I managed to run 2.4km since the first time I started this regime. I also did a full 30mins of burn jogging.  There are days like these that I lurrrrve exercising, my body is just able to kick into overdrive and push through the pain andgive me what I need.

I need more of this kind of days kekekekekekeke.

Weight: 124kg
Where I go: SKA
What did I eat: Atkin's


Monday, July 11, 2011

Moving on...

Day 6

I rested Sat and Suns and will do so for this regime. I guess Saturdays I will go for a light swim and consider that a low impact day ba.

Ow Ow says my shoulder. Sng sng.. says my knee, and clicky clack says my ankle...

Sigh.. that is the sound of an old engine trying to tune up to be a race engine... somehow..  lol

Weight: 128kg
Where did I go: SKA
What did I eat: Atkin's
What did I do:
Jogging, calisthenics, isometrics and a lot of stretching.

I will slot in PNF soon after I hit the target of 100kg and below.  As you can see, I have set a lot of stuff to be done under 110kg.  There is a reason for that. I will explain when we get there.

So now, its just a matter of time for my weight to drop to my target (manageble) level before we take on the good stuff :P

By the looks of things, I am losing 2 kg every day.. which is a good thing..  but it is making me tired constantly.  However, I am just glad that my core muscles are still strong and I have yet to suffer from cramps and muscle fatigue which is a sure sign the muscles are unable to cope with the reduction in carb intake while needing to beg the body to convert fats to energy.

From the way my body is tiring out rapidly, my body is still struggling to cope with the energy deprivation and trying hard to keep up the convert rate to my exercise level, which is one reason why I am not going through weights at the moment as well.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

My cat scratched me

Day 3(8 July 2011)

Misty.. naughty cat!!!!  She scratched me..  sob

Anyway, Got nothing interesting to post really.. except I want to register a post so I can mark my days in training.. :P

Well, I will have stuff to add on later anyways, so, wait for it :P

Weight: 133kg
Where did I go: SKA
What did I eat: Atkin's
What did I do:
Jogging, weights. Today will probably be the last day I will put in my routine for weights until my body weight hit 110 and below. I predict it will take about 3 weeks for that to happen. In the meantime, in my haste to get stronger, I might have done myself a DISFAVOUR by rushing into my weights routine. My left rotator cuffs are screaming in pain.

Told Mr Wong...he said.. "Heya, you... tsk tsk.. forget about karate, forget about weights, run off your weight first.."

See? Thats what happen when you tell your teacher you did something wrong..  get scolded lor lmao.

Anyway, I am glad I still have my teacher around. He was one of the few people who ever saw anything good in me in the first place.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inertia is everything

Day 2

I am not going to appear in SKA's main community during "peak" hours until I feel I am ready to face the crowd.

Although I am not one for vanity, I feel being a senior and an instructor, I ought to show some class and image while in front of the students and peers.  Is that considered shallow?

Besides, I think appearing in force will leave a better impression AND legacy for the students and peers. Politics being what it is, there will always be some people who will step on you for the sake of doing so just so they look better.  Secretly, they will always hope you never return to fitness, because then, they will have no fear, their fake bravado and facade will be discovered by someone better than them... and the worst thing is... THEY KNOW IT.

I used to get challenges, and I will answer them. Nowadays I don't get challenged to fighting or fitness anymore, instead..  I am assasinated lmao.

Character assasination I understand is the preferred choice of bloodless killing. To such techniques, I am a noob. I surrender to such masters of character deception. Well, at least I can smile at myself in the mirror without shame.

Weight: 135kg
Where did I go: SKA + RTC
What did I eat: Atkin's
What did I do:
Slow jogging to get my ankle and knee joints back into working order. Already I can feel my energy start to sap the moment I ran my first 500m. Push.. push on I must! Alas, after less than 2km, I am out of breath and puffing lol!

But at least I put in another 20mins of run. We only start to "burn" fat efficiently after 20mins, but that is according to conventional diet and based on the fact I have carbs to burn.. which I am starving myself of.

Did some basic gym work on my tum tum, obliques, my hercules muscles and triceps. Will repeat them once a week in rotation, but I am not sure if I should list them over and over again in my blog...  boring hee.

I went to swim a little and float in the pool at RTC after SKA while Pam does her dancing thingy. Ahh taking some pressure off my joints is such a luxury after morning's hard work! *grin

Push push on some more!!!

CJ outz~

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New regime starts

Day 1

Today I started running and gym training again. Its once of those things where I know I should have resumed training eons ago.. but just cannot bring myself out of the hole I dug myself into.

This time, I will ignore politics, this time I will stay just on the path of training and not take on too much for myself. That should have been the way, and that will be the way this time.

Start weight: 135kg (This for the record is the heaviest weight I ever started out with)
Where did I go:SKA.
What did I eat:Atkin's Diet.
What did I do:
Very light jogging. It has been a while since I last ran, partly due to an ankle injury I sustained in a fall recently. Also due to the fact I have slacked and didn't keep to my morning jogs.  I did about 20 mins of slow jogging.  I dare not ran fast because if you have been following my past posts, I am going to give my body a test before jumping in with both feet wet.

 I'll kick your ass!!!

Went to the gym and did some free weights. Looks like my biceps, triceps, delts and Pecs need to be worked on. Probably will work in some sets that will focus on them and rotate through out the week. Finally!! I did Jeverok's again.. the armball joints actually FELT good! lmao
After this morning's activities, I am glad to report looks like everything is raring to go and feeling good.

I really miss SKA as a training ground because it has been a second home to me ever since I started training there when I was just 17!

Wow.. its been a long time..  a long time coming home.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Suddenly I find myself listening to my heart

Suddenly - A duet by Sir Cliff Richard and Ms Olivia Newton John

Ocean Deep by Sir Cliff Richard

Some People by Sir Cliff Richard

王傑 - 一場遊戲一場夢

My friend Eng Seng asked me this question once, quite out of the blue really, while we were on the MRT back from school one afternoon.

He asked, "Hey Chong Jin, what do you think of when you listen to 王傑's 一場遊戲一場夢 ? To me I will remember our school days and our friendship."

Eng Seng, everytime I listen to this song, I remember you :P

Eason Chan 陳奕迅 - 明年今日