Tuesday, November 15, 2016

200 Pounds Beauty...just like ME!!!!

Weight: 96.8

I think I have found my brand new idol...  watch and you will understand why Kim Ah Joong is now my favourite Korean singer/actress.

Angel....angel.... Annnngggeelllll.....


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Update for November 2016

Weight: 97.3kg

Losing my last few kg to my target weight is horribly slow and painstaking. But at least I am within striking range.

Just wanted to update my blog on my progress on life.

Weightloss = good and on-going. I have lost quite a bit of weight from 123.1 to 97.3kg but I still have another 11 to go until I hit my target weight of 86kg.  It would have been much faster and more successful if I wasn't beset by personal problems and that kinda stopped me dead in my tracks for quite a few month..  literally.  I have started to surround myself with positive friends and started to cut off negative ones. I have also found closure in a few open-ended relationships from my past, at least now everyone has found some peace..  I can finally move forward the new chapters of my life.

I am trying to look for some meaningful employment since I will be moving away from Flyte Studio since my D. But my foolishness led me to not study in earnest back when I was younger, I am now regretting why I placed all my eggs in one basket. You see lan? After 22 years, STILL comes back to square one. At the end of the day, we have to be able to take care of ourselves before we even attempt to take care of ANYONE in our lives..  let this be a lesson for myself for the remaining of my life.

Hence I need to be fit and attractive in my own way, regardless if I am attached, single married or even if I am someone's father. I realise people are rather attracted to the physical THEn they will appreciate your inner beauty but not the other way round.  Some lessons are better learnt even now rather than never, and better do it now, before I cannot do it anymore. :)

I did not get that condo place after all, so I will still have to look some more until I find a place I am comfortable with. Hey, maybe I can go travel long-term?..  just a thought..