Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You say. I say. They say.

There are five principles of defense in Shitoryu karate, they are:


Defense as attack. Using a defensive move as a form of attack. An example will be to use a vigorously applied Yoko uchi to block from the outside of a punch so as to break the momentum of the attacker. Hopefully in the process, you will injured his punching arm and break his rhythm and fighting spirit.

Change in level. Good fighters think 360 degree angle from the left to the right, from the front to the back. Thinking fighters think 360 degree angle, left to right, front to back, also up and down. Example will be when an attack is low or aimed to draw the defender attention down, remember this blog's advice...

..if the attack cannot reach you, then cannot reach lor.
Ok, back to Kushin. Instead of reaching down and exposing parts of your body open for an attack, change the level of the defence. Drop into a low but stable stance for the block and if the distance and timing is right, counter. The counter may be made from a higher stance to take advantage of the attacker's lower attack level. (The attacker's level is low right? Otherwise why you bother to drop into a lower level to block eh?... Nothing better to do orh?)
An example of this will be dropping into nekoashi dachi to block + moto dachi to counter.

To flow like water. Ha ha. Personally I like this one. What!!?? You don't know the association of this phrase with regards to this blog and it's author??? What are you doing here??!!! Wahaha!
Ok, back to ryusui. Not much to say here except there will be days when your defence will need a gentle to the side. YAR. Martial arts not everything also Wack here, wack there one. Sometimes hor, use mouth can liao. Talk is also a form of sparring leh.
I have a personal thought about this, a coward talks but no action, a simple-minded person only knows how to punch his arguments across, a bully tries to talk but once he loses verbally he enforces his arguments with force... A gentleman on the other hand, is somebody who thinks they are "civilised" who do not resort to argument or force. Martial artists have the added advantage of "bargaining from a position of power".... meaning?
We can choose to be a gentleman, coward, simple-minded or bully. Wahaha!
No lar, we are very nice people. Fact is, we have more choices when it comes down to confrontations/altercations. We have a choice is better then none. Agreed?

Teni (Tenshin)
Change in direction has always and should always be the first choice when it comes down to reflex training. Why? A simple shift in body balance can deflect even the most powerful and committed of attacks. Adding blocks and yelling just makes it look cooler.. wahahaha~!
Example of Teni is side-stepping using shiko dachi and blocking with nagashi uke or osae uke.

Two flavours for this. 1st delicious flavour is Sen no sen. Attack at the point of attack. Huh!!?? Wait..let me explain. Erm... attack when the attacker attack... er... clear? er...
2nd yummy flavour is Go no sen. Attack after the attack has completed. Huh!!?? Why? I mean if the first attack ended with no contact, well, shouldn't we as nice guys let the matter rest?

Attack me orh? Miss me orh? Too bad!! *All this while, I will most likely be counter attacking. Who ask you to miss me in the first place?... wahahahaha... Once you attack me, I am not nice guy lor, I will be your worst nightmare...

...I will your toilet paper cut!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Chronicles of KarTia (Leg-pain) - Return of the knee


My knee is back.
During the period when my knee was injured, I had the opportunity to concentrate on developing my reliance on my left leg which was my genetically weaker leg.
Also, I had to readjust my training regiment to rely on hands to compensate for my un-usable leg during this period of time.

Ahhhh... my little blog reading grasshoppers.. you are starting to see my point now...
I have recovered from my injury... A stronger man then ever... buahahahahahahaha!!!

~Still the committed one.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bad Bacteria!! Baaad Bacteria!!!

I just came back from SKA because I wasn't feeling well. My stomach was cramping like hell and I was feeling sick. Slowly at first but it gradually got worst until I was practically doubled over in pain.

First thoughts was that I had indigestion but it turns out to be false as I did not have anything to eat throughout the whole day. Then it struck me, Food Poisoning!! 2 things lor, either the bowl of Cheng Tng at Ten-Mile Junction around 3pm or drinking water at SKA's water cooler around 6.30pm...(Yar lar, today quite pathetic, busy busy) I think it is the latter leh.... oh gosh, I tried to call Mr Wong to warn him about it, but he never return my call..

Well, anyways, I was running a 37.8 temp and was curled up in bed because it was sooooo painful lor. I was drinking a lot of fluid so I can flush the crap out from my system. Finally Pam got me THE SOLUTION! 1 x tab - Synflex + 1 x tab - Muscle relaxant = K.O.

Ahhhhhh............ I felt so much better in the morning.

Can you imagine something so small like microscopic bacteria infection can cause so much damage over a short time... What is the use of being a good martial artist?

~sigh, I guess I have to relook at my life motto.

"I would rather fight standing up then lose lying down"
-Robert Sim

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Casting for Commercial!!!

Oooooo! Oooooo! How exciting!!! I hope I get call up for casting tomorrow morning! Thats the first step. Then If...IF they like me, then I get to be on a commercial leeeeeh.... Wooo hooo!... Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

Oh yar..if you were wondering what kinda of commercial, well, its the TV kind and erm...they wanted me to do a FLYING KICK!... YAR.. I know if Seow is reading this.. He will call me and go.. "Oei! Sim! Your knee like that you still want to FLY ah!??"

Ok lar, I know ..I know.. but If I can heal in 19 days for my grading, I can heal in 10 days for my commercial shoot right... hor?...

I damn (Hokkien) Gien Pung - Desperate for rice... I WANT TO HAVE A TVC UNDER MY PORTFOLIO... I WANT...I WANT....

I WANT!!!!

ok.... tomorrow morning must ask Mr Wong to see if I can go... Wahahahahaha!

**Supplementary Blog: Oh, it was not for a TVC.. how disappointing, STILL, a print ad is as good as any.. Bwahahaha