Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New post in a long time

Hello myself and anyone reading. (Laughs) This blog has laid dormant for so long without a positive post I think its probably a dead page by now.

Its good, because I feel everything sometimes deserves and ought to be reset. As we grow older, we change.

Our senses change, our tastes in music change, our opinions chang.. ok wait.. maybe it does not so much change but rather a paradim shift generally in the direction that suits our current way of life.

More of those ramblings in future posts.. I guess.  I used to blog because I wanted an outlet for my opinions and views in my life and martial art so that I don't explode internally *hrr hrr hrr  These days I blog because I also don't want to explode internally but most importantly, I want to record my thoughts before I turn senile. I do feel I have a few good opinions and knowledge in my head that will benefit future generations... keke (as if).

New Beginnings

I have to face the hard truths, it has been an uphill task to get my fitness back even though I tried. But the truth be told, there were half-hearted attempts at dieting, exercising and workouts.. but none of them had any visible effects.

Either I was too lazy, expected too much or simply was too busy to follow through. Either ways, it did not work to my expectations.

My younger routines done at an older age takes more determination and effort than I expected!  Anyways, I have already made up my mind make a difference this time around!

See? I have began my new series of blogs on a Monday! That signifies a new beginning?  lol  If I continue to blog tomorrow..  it just might translate into something more enduring and relevant.