Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finally I managed to settle down

Been a few days since I last blogged, yar lar blame it on the weather. It was and still is SOOOO hot lor... I have moved my office back home for a while because my landlord sold their building and we had to move out. So my place looks damn cluttered with all the boxes and movie posters and boards and...bla bla bla.. aiyah! Alot of things lar..

Training update:
I have moved on from 12.5KG DBs to 20KG DBs last week. Already after 1 session I am getting muscle tear! But...muscle tears are goooood... it means they (muscles) are growing.... bwahahahaha.. *wink ..provided I drink plenty of milk.

By the way, I am having an average intake of 2 litres of milk (low fat, of course) everyday, especially so after a good workout. It contributes to an additional 15% muscle growth!

Betcha did not know that.. well neither did I until recently.

Some friends call me a big baby. Hmpf! Well I am a mighty big baby then... I can crush coke can with my bare hands.. rip namecards (unlaminated ones hor!) in a single shred... BUT the most impressive feat recently was witnessed by my good friend Seow Kwee Yong... hee hee

Some things are not mentionable one..

I find the pulley weights at SKA not up to my requirements already because they can only go up to 105lbs. I need more resistance than that, I guess I will be popping into the gym pretty soon... I miss my pec fly machine and the pulleys.

DBs and leg curl machines are still good to go at SKA because I don't think I can go up in weight anytime soon too.. I have to keep reminding myself I cannot get too bulky. As a martial artist, three things cannot never go hand in hand (without prior training), that is Strength, Speed and Flexibility.

Just think of the 3 elements as points of a triangle, we can only get a good balance, very difficult (not impossible) to achieve all three elements. Looking back, I almost had it all... sigh

Oh well, back to the grind of training.. I know it is possible... I will give you the number of that guy that will do it...

Or better yet, call me. *GRIN

Friday, April 11, 2008

What is KUMITE?

K - Karate lar.. what else?

U - Don't have you... how to spar? LOL

M - Got you also must have me also...

I - Stands for "I" kick your ass!

T - "T" stands for I kick your ass... TWICE!

E - E is for me to kick your butt..EXTRA HARD!

For more information refer to this link for what is actual kumite defined as in karate.

"Look under Committed One in the dictionary and you will find my picture there..."

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

6 Packs update

With reference to the challenge posted here -> "6 PACK CHALLENGE"

Here is my latest progress... been working hard to get the fats off!

Here are some homemade videos of some of the exercises I do for my back, chest, abs and arms... I have more if you email me and ask for them...

JAVOREK COMPLEX (Works the shoulders and chest)

3KG Dumbbells 2 SETS
6 Reps: Vertical raise to shoulder level (Note the position of the dumbbells)
6 Reps: Side vertical raise to shoulder level
6 Reps: Front lift to chin level
6 Reps: Vertical raise to shoulder level (2 and 10 o'clock position)
6 Reps: Side vertical raise to shoulder level (Body parallel to floor)
6 Reps: Vertical raise to above ear (Full extension of arms)

PLATE PRESS (Works the shoulders, chest, abs and arms)

5KG Plate weight 2 SETS
10 Reps: Horizontal extension (Full extension of the arms, palms must be pressed together to keep plate from dropping). Lower fully extended arms and raise back to shoulder level. Bring back front of chest.

DROP PULL (Works the shoulders, arms and abs)

105LBS roughly 47KG Resistance 3 SETS
10 Reps: Start position - Kneel with fully extended arms. Pull behind head using only arms to pull. Additional work on abs - When pulling with arms, sit down on your thighs (Using your abs to help pull down as well)

I will be posting some of my karate workouts in my coming post because I need to take good pictures and videos first.. and I am a lousy video and photographer.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Have a listen to this... damn funny stuff.... LOL LOL Beware, it is in Cantonese but it has English subtitles... LOL LOL

What the hell happened to this guy!!??

What the hell happened to this guy?? You have heard of shrinking after washing, then I must have been in the wash for a mighty long time lo..

Add in the terrible effects of spin dry, tumble dry and wring dry...

It so happened that I chose to wear the same shirt, and thought what the hell, take the pix lar!! I might not be able to wear this shirt much longer.. LOL I look like covered by with a robe or sumthing... actually, thats about all I am covered with... hee hee...

Before 112kg... after 86kg (it might be 85kg now I have not weighed myself properly for a week now)... Go figure.. LOL

Anyway, anyone who needs additional (ADDITIONAL HOR, becuz I am not a pro weight loss consultant or physical trainer) advice on weight maintainence and weights, guys and girls, can drop me an email at or add me MSN, and we can move on from there. Don't SPAM me hor.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Training Schedules

This post is to keep me on the straight and true path of achieving what I want in my karate training.... with whatever remaining time I have left on my "ahem"..youth.

Session 1: 9am - 10.30am (SKA)
Flexibility and dumbbell training
Session 2: 3pm-4pm (SKA)
Strength and conditioning
Session 3: 7pm-9pm (SKA)
Kumite techniques training

Session 1: 3pm-4pm (SKA)
Strength and conditioning
Session 2: 7.30pm - 9pm (Class at SKA)
Conducting basic training

Session 1: 9.30am - 11am (SKA / Gym)
Strength and conditioning
Session 2: 3pm - 4pm (SKA)
Flexibility and dumbbell training
Session 3: 7.30pm-9pm (Class at SKA)
Kata and bunkai training

Session 1: 3pm-4pm (SKA)
Strength and conditioning
Session 2: 7.30pm - 9pm (Class at SKA)
Conducting basic training

Session 1: 9am - 12pm (Gym)
Strength and conditioning

Session 1: 3pm - 4.30pm (SKA)
Strength and conditioning
Session 2: 4.30pm - 6pm (Class at SKA)
Conducting basic training

Compulsory rest day

Yar lar yar lar... no life lar.... TSK! Say whatever you want... but I will reap the benefits of my hard work... Buwahahahaha...