Saturday, March 24, 2012

New start!!

I have just started my regime and good things are already happening :)

I just got an email about a new style of training which I see a good potential in helping me keep my fitness and maintain my focus and interest in training.  I will discuss that another post once that discussion with the person comes to fruitation! :)  But still!..  YAY! :)

Current weight: 114kg.
Diet: Pure Atkins.
My picture Testimonial:
Me at 114kg. (Ignore my slim sexy wife next to me)
I have never boasted or posted vainity pictures on facebook because I know the power of social media. To be vain there might be deterimental to some people's feelings, especially those whom you are trying to influence to keep fit and stay healthy.  That is not the way a person should behave.

It is good when you are fit and healthy and people looks up to you.  To become vain and self-righteous is to become a pompous ass.  People love to see a pompous ass fall from grace, as shall I watch from here and wait to see that pompous ass fall.

I have people who are struggling with their weight come up to me feeling rather down and bad because THAT pompous ass belittled them about giving excuses and their efforts. I told these guys, to give it their best and just do their best as time and financially they can afford.  I also told them I am going to do this weight loss journey for them.

I am going to prove, I can do this as easily as anyone but without boasting on facebook. If I can do it, anyone can.  No TRX. No daily running of 12km. No need belittle anyone on my way up.

Time will prove itself.

Till then,

CJ signing off *smile*

Friday, March 23, 2012

Private Challenge Gauntlet

I am the type who likes to prove people wrong...

Before you read on, if you have been reading my previous posts.. you will find this post extremely angry and targetted at a few pompous fools.  They deserve this scathing post because I think they need to realise they better a sleeping tiger does not mean a sick cat :)

This blog and the subsequent postings will be linked and posted on facebook when the appropriate time is right.

What kind of wrong message are we sending across to people who are overweight and trying their best to keep from gaining more?  Over weight people have a problem keeping their weight down because of many reasons.. some due to genetics.. some are due to conditions in their current life situations.

We should always encourage people to excel in what they are good at, and in losing some weight, it is always encouraging to have people cheer you on and encourage you when you lose steam.

When I was fit.. I love encouraging people who are overweight AND trying to lose weight. For those who refuse to lose weight or for some reason of their own, they are not losing even though they are trying, I would often sit down and see if they needed help.. and if they do, help.. if not, encourage them and leave them be.

Too often, I get people who have had some achievement losing weight becoming overly enthuiastic about helping other people lose weight.  Some go overboard to the extend of being arrogant and obnoxious.

Yeah, you know who you are.  No need to brag about your flat abs and superman exercise routine because that is NOT what people who are overweight want to hear about.  They NEED encouragement, not self-righteous, pompous story telling about how YOU lost weight.  Please lah. Keep those stories for yourself, or your blog...  not our ears.

When I was over weight, sometimes all I needed was a gentle reminder about my eating habits by my wife and it would suffice.  She quietly supports my attempts at weight loss even though, I often give myself excuses to stop half-way through.

I have people trying to "teach" me about Atkins diet although they barely know enough themselves. I have people advocating "boot camps" which will make them have flat abs and look good.  I have researched Atkins diet. I know all about boot camps.  They required goal settings, short, medium, and long term goals. Fundamental change in life style. Eating habits must change. Living conditions must change. We need to lose some bad habits AND this being said.. we need to lose some FRIENDS who are not good for us.  OR...  have you people forgotten?  Maybe, you didn't know huh?..  Well, I teach you lor. :)   Since you like to "share" knowledge..  I "share" with you..ok?

These people are bloody missing the damn point!  Running 10 and 12km every day is not the key to fitness. Going to the gym is not the key. Having bootcamp and vanity is not the key.  Its VANITY.

I am taking this personally. This friend of mine insults and thinks too highly of himself just because he does gym and runs 12km daily. He thinks he is macho because he has 6 packs and recently got into shape. He has forgotten he was actually a lumpy and unfit guy I know when I was superfit and I was still really nice and decent to him. Now he likes to think too highly of himself.

Another aquaintance of ours, thinks too highly of herself as well. She assumes she is a good dancer and she has charisma.  LOL. Answer is none of the above. Just because she lost weight PERSONALLY, she makes it an effort to help people lose weight by creating some weight lose group.  For that I applaud her, but the truth be told..and if she was honest enough to herself...  its because of financial gains. Look carefully and you will see :)  Well, she had intended to make use of my wife to help her in a new business she opened recently..  but unfortunately for her, Pamela was smart enough to realise when she is being set up,  So as a husband and wife team, now, we run a fitness studio which a group of like minded people, who are really nice, dedicated and experienced.   Anyway, I digress.  This aquaintance of ours thinks too highly of herself and her so called bootcamp is going to transform lives.

WRONG.  She also missed the point. She has forgotten how she came to lose weight. The fundamental shift, dietary habits, encourangements.. and setting of long term goals. You seriously think bootcamps will help in weight loss???  Or are you just after financial gains again? Except this time, its rather blatant. Oh well.

Anyway. I will throw down a guantlet of my own. 3 months huh?

Simi simi bootcamp ah.. wahh..  your program sure dam power one lar..  got TRX.. got muay thai.. got capoeira..  got zumba..

To my dear fit (zhi-lian)(zhi da) pompous friend...  simi simi 10km, 12km..  wah gym everyday...  wah.. 6 packs ah... wah...

3 months.

I will post a picture before. I will post my progress.  I am not going to do anything a regular person won't do. No TRX. No Zumba. No narcissist training.. (aiyoh... I cannot tahan the guy's eyes.. he looks down at people who are over weight and has changed to sooo obnoxious).. anyway, 3 months later.. no need you come find me to kumite. I WILL FIND YOU anytime.. anywhere my friend. Want to spar right, my fit friend...  3 months..  lai..  try .. try ...  this time I put you into a kimura lock and break your arms..  see if you want to be so hao lian!!

AIYOH.. cannot stand this guy leh..  learn a bit of sports karate only think he can fight.. frog at the bottm of the well.  At least I can get fit. You think you can learn to fight? LOL

Anyways... 3 months. Game on.


Monday, March 12, 2012

I had this dream....

Oh my gosh!!!!

All I can say is when I woke up, I was in bed. LOL

Let me explain.

Any of you ever had this dream where you were running..  but somehow, feel your leg is powerless.. and there is this inertia so much so that it was near impossible to run FORWARD?

How frustrating is that!?

I think I remember trying to kick someone, but all I did was.. "flick".  Uh oh. Thats not good. I remember almost peeing in my pants because I could not hurt whatever I was trying to hit. Then I started to run.. but like what I described above..  I couldn't move!?  Grrr  Well.. after a long while of struggling to run forward, I thought I made some progress.... I forgot what I was running from.. lol

Then the scene changed and I had to pee. Somehow, I needed to find a public toilet and I did. I found this really strange public toilet which had waist level toilet doors and peopl passing by could look into the cubicle and see me *doing* the business.  Since I am a very private person..  I tried very hard in my dream to let my bladder go so I can find some relief...  


Cannot means cannot.   No matter how much I coax myself, my bladder refused to give way. So I find myself running around the dream toilet trying to find a cubicle with a decent height door that can "hide" my business.

Then I woke up.

Then I ran for the bathroom.

Ahhh.. release!!!!  Now recalling my dream as I "spilled" my erm.. beans...  I was sooooo glad my bladder held.. otherwise it would be really really difficult to explain why I am still wetting my bed...  haa... haa..  ahem..  but I digress..

Back to the helpless part of my dream.

How many of us must have felt helpless when you see something happen, and we cannot do anything about it? I mean really helpless as in bang your head against the wall until blood flows out kind of helpless...

I had that feeling a couple of times..  that was waaaay back when I was still serving the national service, and I was on a bus service 154... on my way back from camp on a sunny saturday afternoon. The Bukit Timah road was jammed up really bad because of the weekend horse races. (The Turf club had moved to the Turf city back then).   I suddenly had this really bad urge to go toilet. Ok, no, go toilet is not the words to phrase what I needed to do. I needed to shit. To evacuate bad stuff from my body.. which I can feel is pushing their way through my supremely guarded tight butt-hole muscles.. scientifically called the sphincter muscle.

For the next 1 and half hour, I was fighting for dear life.  Dear lord... using your life skills in fending off attackers trying to stick something IN you.. is soooooo much easier then preventing something from 
bursting OUT of you.  What was I supposed to do, punch my intestines and ass to stop the attack?

Yuck.. I can feel the little suckers succeeding in pushing their way past my supremely guarded gates...  I started to pray...   oh lord did I pray..

I did everything and made every promise a man can ever make to his lord. Just so please lord, please don't let my shit come out...  yuck!

Anyway, I don't know how.. I don't know what made me do it..  but.. I made it safely home when maybe 2 secs to spare when all hell broke loose after I sat down.....   *groan*

I probably looked like a tinge of the hulk.. maybe.. eeee

So I guess, this pointless posting today is to show you the power of one's will.  No matter what we try..  as long as we have faith in ourselves and trust our faith...  anything is possible.

Except this one time when I was having lessons during my technical drawing lesson..


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flyte Dojo

Est. 2012

Established on 1 March 2012 as part of Shitoryu Karate Association's affiliate branch.

UPDATED: 22 JULY 2013:  Sei Shin Karate

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Choice of defense

Let us discuss a scenario.

Out of the infinite possibilities and choices of weapons, approach style, fighting background, mentalities, philosophies, etc, etc.

Your antagoniser approaches...

From our perspective.. all we see is an opponent in an altercation who is facing us with his left foot planted and leaning forward slightly with a light bounce in his movements. Both hands held up to shoulder's level with no cross of the centerline.  This guy knows his basic stuff. OK, here we go. How do we approach this confrontation and come out winning?

Most common reaction (including mine) would be to drop back, favourite stance, guards up, and....

Tae Kwon Do trained martial artists will look for opportunities to counter the attacker with kicks?
Karatekas will attempt to punch and front kick him to a pulp.. maybe even a flashy Kyokushin Jodan Mawashi Geri? Ofc to the familiar tune of ooosh, ooosh, ooosh, ooosh!!!
Judokas might embrace him for that fate changing uchi-mata or seonage throw to the floor.. thus ending the fight?
How about our wonderful friends with MMA training.. Muay Thai and BJJ combo kick punch pre-emptive strike with a male homo snuggling on the ground ending with a armbar, legbar or kimura?
Or maybe put your guards up, mirror his stance and close the distance for a good old boxing match and out slug each other to a Koniakku ?

Oh.. and stop all the bad habits of cosmetic moves. Brushing your nose with your thumb ala Bruce Lee, spreading your hands apart and goading your opponent with your hands ala Wong Fei Hung, hopping and bouncing around ala Jean Claude Van Damme WILL get you in trouble eventually.  I have personally seen people who are involved in street fights swaying their body ala street fighter... probably they think being proficient at computer and arcade games qualify them to be street fighters...  

O - Only in their minds, fantasies come true.... these people have no idea whatsoever what is kumite.
M - Mentally insane to think they know how hard bones are until they make contact with someone else's.
G - Good luck with new sensations called, lactic acid build up, excrutiating pain, exhaustion and reality check.

I would suggest the following chain of thoughts/actions.. (which for common sense sake have to take place in your head rather quickly)

C - Check him out physically quickly. Learn to be able to assess a fighter's strength (hence potential source of attack) with a quick glance at his physique.
H - Hands MUST be relaxed and at the all times.
I - Intuitively load up your favourite combo. Counter or pre-emptive strike at the earliest opportunity.
C - CHEAT. Combat is based on deception.
K - Kick. Remember you have legs as well. That makes you more dangerous because you have 5 weapons of choice.
E - Expectations. Expect the unexpected from your opponent. Stay alert and focus on him at all times. That girl walking past with the ultra super mini-skirt can wait.  Expect pain. Expect your opponent to be highly skilled.
O - Outwit your opponent. Letting him underestimate your fighting capabilities.
U - Unbalancing your opponent is key to winning. Be it psychological or physical. Keep doing it.
T - Turning your back on your opponent is never a good idea. DON'T!

My first inclination to deal with this scenario is to drop into a stance which allows me to execute side-steps.. or if space constraint, close the distance between us fast. Guard at this point would be redundant because if we are planning to counter the attack based on positioning, any guard positioning would be more of a cosmetic move and in actual fights, that can literally kill you.

I would much prefer pre-emptive strike sen sen no sen, if possible at all, but in this case, since I already am in the frame of mind for tai-tsabaki, it would be sensible for go no sen. It might be a case of ura shuto or kote barai, followed by combinations of ura uchi and furi zuki. Depending on the followup, the opponent's defense and/or subsequent manouvres, distance 1 and 2 dictates a takedown is necessary, here is where diligent seonage and uchi mata practices pay off. Alternatively, ashi barai works at this distance if proper kakete waza is employed or if we are close enough for a kage zuki take-down combo.

Unlike most point scoring matches where a referee is there to see fair play, street fights usually require you to kick the living daylights out of your opponents to end fights, so do it fast, hard and in the most economical sense possible.

Someone once taught me, in mahjong, if you setup your tiles and see you might have an opportunity to complete and win within 5 rounds, go for it. If not, play for a draw by controlling your other players' cards. Worst case scenario, make sure you are the one who is paying the least in a losing round.

赢 - If you suffer less loss then your opponent, you win.

That's the case in a fight, any fight. Nobody walks away smelling like a rose. Everybody involve loses.  We won because we survived, and your opponent is lying on the ground. If you are going to be the one lying on the ground, make sure your opponent(s) have broken limbs, or have deconstructed facial landscapes, better still, when confronted by a group, make sure you take out the strongest one/ weakest one (everyone have different strategies) so that you won't be lonely lying alone in a pool of blood. *GRIN*  Nah, it would be easier for police to trace your attackers if they have one or more bodies of your assailants to work with, then they can catch the other shit-heads.

So I advocate don't fight. If you must, make sure you win. If you cannot win, cause as much destruction as you can.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Work outs 2012

These are the stuff I get down and dirty when I am at my morning trainings: (Evenings' to be updated soon)

40mins + slow jog/run (depends on my mood *grin)
Distance = (anywhere from 4.8km - 6.5km)
2 x 100 abdominal crunches
2 x 50 side abdominal crunches
2 x 50 russian rowboats
2 x 50 pelvic thrusts (oh yeah, these are added into my routine for vanity sake. They help shape my buttocks)
5 x 20 sec front planks
3 x 20 sec side planks x both sides
3 x 20 bicep dips
If A: 3 x 100 sec shikodachi, 3 x 100 mae-geri, 3 x 100 soto-geri (L&R)
If B: 5 x 100 zuki (Chudan, Jodan)
If C: 5 x 100 blocks (All 5 basics of defence)

Alternate A:
5 x rounds of circuit training
- speed bag + pushups
- rowboat situps + back arches
- side hurdles + skipping rope
- shadow boxing drills

Alternate B:
3 x 2:30 bag work - 1:30 rest intervals
500 rope skips
Sprint drills
Leg swings (kungfu style)

Alternate C:
Flexibility stretches
Dropfall drills

Gym routine: (1:15 rests in-between reps, 3:00 rests in-between sets)

120 x leg raises
3 x 10 bicep curls to exhaustion
50+ abdominal stop crunch to exhaustion

Alternate day 1:
Jevarok's Complex
Reverse back curls
Atlas lifts
Lat pulls (Front/Back)
Forearm press downs
Reverse Forearm pull downs

Alternate day 2:
Bench presses
Dumbell curls
Arnold's press
Pectoral fly
Plate press
Plate rotations

Alternate day 3:
Leg press
Reverse leg curls
10kg plate inclined situps

It might sound like a lot.. but it takes only about 3 hours to complete the entire routine.  Its worth it! :)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Year...New Post

Today will be the 4th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year and the first post after about 3 months...

A lot is happening this year in terms of karate training for me. First of all, the hobby class for the combat karate in RTC will be commencing soon! Wow! I am really excited about that because it is something which will see me passing on my knowledge of karate and sharing knowledge with enthuiasts on my own for the first time! Then in a few months.. April to be exact will be SKA's effort at organising the international tournament headed by Mr Wong.  Boy! I bet that will be a busy period of me. And of course there will be the 13th (unlucky maybe?) APSKF Championship at the end of this year!  Oh that will be when I will be taking my 4th Dan grading, if there is a grading to be held.

Being 40 don't seem to be affecting me much although I like to play out the fact I am an old man..  but something about my steps seem lighter...  maybe its the fact that a new year beckons and there is still so much to do.. to plan..  there is really no time to think about being old, wakakaka...

Just the other day I was commenting to Pam that I was still aiming to outdo, outlast and outfight my student who are in their 20s...  lol..  then I paused to think...  has it been almost 24 years already since I started my path of training karate? May 3 1988 was the day I started.  Then I remembered..  no.

Cary Chan was an old schoolmate of mine who reminded me that while we were still in school.. I would draw a circle of chalk in the middle of the school courtyard and ask all my NPCC squadmates to come at me with sticks, chairs, and everything they can think of and attack me in the circle.  I would just stand there and fend them off all at once.  LOL.  Back then, 1984-1987.. I was quite poor then, I often would have little money for extras..  so I offered anyone who wanted to take a shot at hitting my stomach for free drinks, hee.. there were always takers and I got a lot of free drink mind you!

Anyway, I guess you can say I began my martial arts training even earlier then SKA. I remembered when I was in primary school, I was often bullied by kids much bigger sized than me. I was really round back then. By round I meant fat..but never jolly because of the constant taunting and jeering from people around me... even teachers.  They were horrible back then.  Even the nicest teachers were capable of moments of cruelty towards kids... and most of us would not say a single word to our parents for fear of getting double punishment. I know what my father would have said..  must be you right? Otherwise why would you be punished? Blaaaa Blaa..

There was this show back when I was in primary 5... some show about Judo. It created quite a following for Judo then and alot of my friends would be challenging each other to throw each other on their backs. I was of course on the wrong end of the challenges, often having people picking on me to practise.  Heh heh heh, I was stubborn as hell, I simply refuse to fall.. because I don't like to lose, I don't want to lose.  But.. eventually, I will always be the one to fall because they are simply BIG kids!  There was once, during recess I vividly remember, this boy called Lyndon Chow. He challenged me to a judo match in the music room one day when the teacher was late to class, and of course gamely I took him on. And gamely I was knocked to the ground but this time, he had other things on his mind...  he wanted me to say uncle. (Saying uncle is like crawling between someone's a dog. LIKE A DOG?! NEVER) And so I refused and was continually pinned to the ground. I tell you..  I can still remember the sounds of the cheering class..  his weight on my body as I struggled to get to my feet..  I was struggling for what seem like an eternity on the floor.. wriggling painfully against the mosiac tiled flooring of the music room.  Of course eventually the teacher came in and order was restored... but not before I was sitting quietly at the back of the class, hot and flustered with my uniform all torn and blacken.

Guess my training goes back much further than I cared to remember :)  So Lyndon Chow, where are you now? Care for a rematch? :)

The determined one