Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time moves on relentlessly

Ahh.. its been a while since I updated my blog.. again LOL.

And no, I was not faithful to my exercise plan due to a lot of reasons. But a recent injury brought me back down to earth.

Not really sure what to blog.. but I just want to put something down so I get started.

Any kind of start is good I guess. :P

Oh oh, I might want to advertise online to see if I can get anyone to come train with me either in the mornings or evenings. Not exercise training, of course.. those (in my opinion) should be done alone. I am talking about combat training, karate, kick, kick, punch, punch, a lil shadow boxing here and there. Well, the more I share the more I remember in my old age LOL.

Lets see what kind of response I get from my advertisements..

Outs.. for now