Sunday, June 11, 2017

One Day One Step

Weight: 75.9kg

Well.. I finally got started in Certis Cisco as an Auxiliary Police Officer.

Starting something new at this age is not that difficult. I have always been quick at learning and picking up new skills.

This platform is not appropriate to discuss my personal views on my new job. If you want to know, ask me.

Looking back, I have been living alone for slightly over half a year. It has not been an easy start for my new life, but nothing is easy when we begin. I guess things will slowly get sorted out one issue at a time, and when that happens, I am sure everything will find its place.

For now, somedays I win the mental fight, somedays I am still losing. The Cisco Academy is overcrowded with trainees and they have ran out of barrack space. Even then, as my appointment currently do not require me to stay in, there are days when I wish I could have. Then I would not have to eat alone and sleep alone.

My shoulders have been killing me. Perhaps its my age, but I have feeling it was due to my change in eating habits. I do not eat as much as before and I have increased my workout regiment as much as my work and rest schedule allows me. I have come to depend heavily on panadol, anorexia and zyanals whenever I can lay my hands on them. NSAIDS are hard to come by without prescriptions so I have to depend on the generosity of friends who have extras. *SMILES

PA came through and have asked for a final session briefing on the evening of 22 June before signing the LOA for 3 years as a PA Trainer. I guess once I can sort out my work and rest schedule, I have to regulate my workouts and keep myself busy. I have to, so I can remain sane.

Martial Arts and Fitness training will always be my passion as is my plan on taking up Physiotherapy as my twilight career after finishing my stint with Cisco.

I have seen and learnt a lot from attending training classes. Learnt enough to know that everything must have a systematic approach when it comes to learning and experience. I will put that to good use when it involves my passions and approach to life.

This is just another boring rant and e-diary update on my state of life so far. Too much of these in recent posts and nothing really meaningful. I promise myself to get back into the swing of things soon.

Until then, thought of the day. Middle snap front kick; Chudan Mae Geri, it is without exception, one of the most effect technique, sports and street.


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