Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Missing you

I miss you,
with each breath I draw,
I miss you,
with every passing moment,
I miss you,
with each beat of my heart,
I miss you,
with every step I take,
I miss you,
with each word I speak,
I miss you,
with every thought I think,
I miss you.

Sometimes I would lie in darkness,
it is easier to pretend you are by my side,
sometimes I would not speak for days,
it is easier for me to pretend I was waiting for you to come home so I could tell you about my day,
at times I would be lost,
but I know if I make it through today,
I would be able to see you tomorrow,
other times I cannot make up my mind what to do,
so I would close my eyes and have a conversation with you in my head,
you were not always sensible,
but you were always my sense of direction,
it may not always seem we have a future,
but you are always my tomorrow,
you may think you know the reason for my loving you,
but I never needed any reason,
from the moment I met you,
I love you.


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