Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lost my way

I dream of them everyday...
I miss my mother
I miss Pam
I miss Lauren
I miss Eirian
I miss me

Every night I would lie awake, in the the darkness. That's when they come you know, the demons. They won't leave me alone. I can spend an entire day without uttering a single word to anyone because I want to stay in my room, away from people. Noise irritates me now. I think they are looking at me with very funny looks, sometimes I think they are talking about me when I am not looking..

Ah, they think I am not looking but I know. Spacial awareness.. zanshin. I am aware. Let them whisper all they want. I think they know about my situation. They are probably laughing at me behind my back. Ha! Let them laugh.. I am catching up with lost time researching katate and martial arts.

Sometimes in the mornings when I wake up, I will not even know it cos my room would be in darkness. Actually I like to stay there in the dark. It is quite comforting not having to see the small confines of my world. Nothing with my small squalid little living space now except, I am alone. I don't hear my kids talking and fighting with each other as they used to, my cat usually would come stick its stinky ass in my face. I miss Eddy. I miss grumbling and just talking to Pam about everything. Sometimes, I would wake up crying.

Just the other night, I dreamt our.family was walking in some park, and she held my hand. Its been so long since I missed holding her hands. 22 years. I calculated it to be almost 9000+ days... its a long time. I used to have nightmares in the past, but everytime I wake up I would reach to my right and she will always be there. .. and I would say to myself, Oh a nightmare, phew.

Will I wake up soon and reach over to find out all this have been an awful and long nightmare..  just a bad dream. She will wake up later and I will be telling her this bad dream. I miss holding her to sleep every night.

We even have a family anthem you know? Starship's Nothing's gonna stop us now.

I had a lot to think about these past 1 year. I know where I went wrong now. I can fix this. Give me my family back. I know I can fix everything
 All I need is a chance to rectify. I can fix this. My mother, Pam, my kids, my cat.

I will give up my karate in exchange for my family. Karate never failed me
 But I failed my family.

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